Nenagh councillor raises questions over all-weather pitch funding

Cllr Seamus Morris

Cllr Seamus Morris

The new Tipperary Education Training Board should be given an ultimatum to come up with a proposal for what it intends doing with a E50,000 capital grant allocated to Nenagh VS by the local town council, according to Cllr Semaus Morris.

However, he was adament that he was not saying the money for the development of an all-weather pitch at the school should be taken away from Tipperary ETB, but, he pointed out, there was now another proposal before the council from a second group.

“I appreciate we are in talks with the VEC but I am disappointed we have not got anywhere with that,” he told Nenagh Town Council.

He said the deadline for any draft proposal was looming and he wanted to know what the plans were, especially for opening it to the community.

Town manager Marcus O’Connor assured him that the council had held talks with the board and they had guaranteed that they would meet the February 7 proposal deadline and the February 28 application deadline.

“We have to take them at their word,” he said.

Cllr Virginia O’Dowd said the E50,000 funding was an important investment in a facility that was already almost 65 per cent complete.

“It is going to be a community one and should not be going to a private company. Even if it goes before the new municipal district council it should continue,” she said.

Cllr Morris said he would prefer to finish the present pitch, but would like to see a breakdown of the funding and how it is going to be used.

Cllr Conor Delaney said he met Nenagh VS principal and he had guaranteed that the school’s present facilities would be open to all groups that use the all-weather pitch.

“Their record is very good at opening facilities to the community,” said Mr O’Connor, who revealed he had received a draft proposal from the ETB.


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