Nenagh brings in new anti-dog fouling bylaws

Cllr Conor Delaney

Cllr Conor Delaney

Nenagh dog owners will face fines from March 1 if they don’t pick up their dog’s dirt after the town council approved new dog bylaws this Monday.

The bylaws were drafted by Cllr Conor Delaney and passed following a period of public display during which no submissions on them were received by the council.

“This is a historic occasion for Nenagh Town Council and responsible dog owners,” Cllr Delaney told the council.

Under the bylaws, anyone walking a dog in a public area will have to have the dog on a lead and carry some means to dispose of dog fouling. Failure to comply will mean an automatic E20 fine payable within seven days, or E100 if paid within 21 days. Failure to pay could lead to court action.

Cllr Delaney praised the assistance he had received from his council colleagues as well as Sgt Tony Wells in Nenagh Twon Council in drafting the bylaws.

“The war on dog fouling is ongoing,” he warned, saying the council now hoped to nip the problem in the bud through a school and public awareness campaign.

“We have to make sure it doesn’t blight the streets again. The issue was highlighted in another North Tipperary town and it has done them no favours,” he said.

Seconding the bylaws, Cllr Tommy Moylan said it was “sad it had to come to this. It is being caused by a small minority but it has become a huge problem. Dog fouling is a major issue.”

Cllr Hughie McGrath appealed that the bylaws be enforced.

“Ourselves and the Gardai have to be strong on this. We have to show it is not just lipservice and step up to the mark,” he said.

Cllr McGrath welcomed the fact that the town’s playing pitches were included in the bylaws saying: “People seem to think they can bring their dogs to Nenagh CBS grounds or MacDonagh Park and let them off. That is not right, there are children playing there.”

The bylaws were described by Cllr Virginia O’Dowd as “another legacy” left by Nenagh Town Council. She said she was looking forward to having cleaner streets as a result of them being introduced.

The bylaws were also welcomed by Cllr Tommy Morgan and Cllr Tom Mulqueen.

Meanwhile, Cllr Delaney was told the council is to place a dog fouling litter bin at the entrance to Drom na Collie estate.


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