Munster Hotel purchased by Martin Healy

Munster Hotel, Thurles

Munster Hotel, Thurles

The purchase of the Munster Hotel in Thurles by a local businessman has this week been broadly welcomed by commerical interests as further evidence of confidence returning to the local economy.

Two-Mile-Borris man Martin Healy, a property owner in Liberty Square and othr locataions in the town, has paid an undisclosed sum for the derelict premises which has been the souerce of much negative press in recent years due to it’s condition.

However, Mr Healy is determined to ensure that the bad days are behind the once fabulous and ultra-modern hotel and already expressions of interest have been puoring in from hotel chains and groups who may or may not take up a leasing arrangement with the owner.

“The premises has been idle and has been an eyesore for many years and at the present time time I have a team of engineers and architects looking at it to see how best to proceed. I am not a hotelier and it would probably be my intention to lease on the premises to a hotel group or chain. There has been a lot of interest in it already and that is very positive from my viewpoint,” said Mr Healy who pointed out that the hotel was purchased entirely from his own resources.

The new owner has shown interest in the hotel previously but it was withdrawn from the market at the time. Then, when it returned to market again, Mr Healy renewed his interest and was thrilled to have his bid accepted on the hotel which sits facing the Cathedral of the Assumption and the Presentation Convent.

Mr Healy, who is very well known locally , has introduced himself to his ‘new neighbours’ and is looking forward to moving forward with the project as soon as possible. He has pledged to have local firms undertaking any work which has to be done and is looking forward to working with the local authorities also in dealing with whatever planning issues may arise with the two acre site - the council currently leases the car park area of the hotel for public use.

The purchase of the Munster Hotel comes hot on the heels of Two-Mile-Borris brothers, the Maher’s, purchase of the Anner Hotel in recent times too. An extensive refurbishment and up-grade of that premises has been undertaken already and Martin Healy congratulated the Maher’s for their fine work and wished them well with the hotel.

“All of these businesses need our support and it will be the same with the Munster. People in Thurles and the surrounding areas need to support each other and hopefully by getting people to spend locally, more and more benefits can follow for people. It would be my intention to have all local people working on the redevelopment and that wil help create vital local employment too,” Mr Healy said.

The successful process of purchasing the hotel took in the region of eight months and resulted in much time consuming red tape being cut through and dealt with. However, it has been worth it in the end for Martin who is really looking forward to breathing new life back into one of the most iconic buildings in the Cathedral Town.




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