Moran slams Coillte over Devil’s Bit range

Councillor Eddie Moran has slammed Coillte for facilitating a breach of local resident’s rights in the Devil’s Bit area for their own financial gain.

The Lowry Team Councillor criticised the state agency for allowing access by a group who are seeking to establish a shooting range, with no authorisation.

Councillor Moran stated; “It is absolutely appalling and shocking for a state agency to act in this way and to allow access to their lands by this group. They are trampling on the rights of those in the Barnane area who are vehemently opposite to a shooting range being established. It is a direct infringement on the rights and privacy of these residents and to say that it is being facilitated by Coillte is simply unbelievable and grossly unacceptable.”

“This proposed shooting range is in close proximity to a number of homes and only 1km from Barnane school. There is understandably huge disquiet and concern locally. Many residents are concerned that someone may be injured or worse.”

“It is important to stress that no planning application has been received for this project by North Tipperary County Council. In fact when it came to my attention on December 6th, that unauthorised development had commenced at the Devil’s Bit site, I immediately contacted the Council on this matter and an enforcement order was put in place.”

“Together with Deputy Michael Lowry I am calling on Coillte and all involved to desist from any further action until they engage in discussion constructively and meaningfully with the Local Authority and with all concerned residents.”

The Tipperary Star understands however, that the developer of the proposed range has had pre-planning consultations with the local authority and is preparing a planning application - although one is not required for the range since there is an existing range there. The application will relate to the provision of facilities such as toilets and amenities and will be considered in due course.




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