Meet the new Cllrs - RCDC

Roscrea’s Community Development Council (RCDC) will hold an open meetingin the Abbey Hall this Thursday (June 26) at 8pm.

All are welcome to meet and greet the the nine newly elected County Councillors for the Templemore/Thurles/Roscrea municipal District, who have been invited to attend.

As all of the County Councillors, with the exception of Cllr Michael Smith, live outside of Roscrea and its immediate catchment area, many may not be known to a large number of people in Roscrea. Likewise, RCDC feels that many of the nine councillors may not be intimately familiar with the needs of Roscrea and district. RCDC feels that Thursday night’s meeting in the Abbey Hall will serve as a “get to know you meeting”, allowing people to get to know their Cllrs.RCDC Chairman John Lupton has expressed his concerns that unless the Community of Roscrea is very pro-active and challenges the local Cllrs on an ongoing basis, that Roscrea, “given its peripheral geographical location in the County may become isolated and marginalised”. He states that in the old Roscrea/Templemore electoral area there were five county Councillors, all of whom were intimately familiar with Roscrea and its needs.

Now, he says, “while Cllr Hogan and Smith remain, all the other Cllrs live outside the immediate area and do not have the same record of involvement in Roscrea. Now that we are in a larger County Local Authority Area and a larger electoral area it is imperative that all who represent us locally are in a position to do so in full knowledge of our local needs and that they would have a commitment to the town’s development as otherwise Roscrea as a town will have a very bleak future,” added Mr Lupton. The Cllrs invited are Michael Smith, John Hogan, Jackie Cahill, Seamus Hanifin, Joe Burke, Daniel Doran, Michael Lowry Willie Kennedy and Jim Ryan.


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