McGrath Makes Budget Proposals To Minister

South Tipperary Independent T.D., Mr. Mattie McGrath has made a budget submission to the Minister for Finance, Mr. Michael Noonan.

In his submission he has made a raft of proposals including:

* Cut judges salaries to €100,000

* Cut the pay packages of semi-state bosses to €150,000 would allow savings of


* Cut the pay of all secretaries-general to €125,000. Savings €1.2m.

* Cut salaries of all public servants to €100,000 with savings of approximately €488.4m. * Cut public pension bill by 10%, saving €220m.

* Radically reduce pensions to all former Presidents, Judges and Ministers saving €11.1m.

* Reduce number of ushers in the house and scrap the taxi system.

* Abolish the Commission of the Houses of Oireachtas.

* Increase the VAT on alcohol sold in supermarkets.

* Maintain Home Help Hours and Home Care Packages for the elderly and


* Ensure that all Household Benefits and Fuel payments, pensions and widows

pension and disability payments are maintained especially where there is only one

income in the house e.g. a pensioner/ widower living alone.

* Increase the grant aid paid to the Jack and Jill Foundation.

* Minimise use of costly care facilities and support foster care in a rational way,

thereby saving in excess of €1bn because of cheaper and more appropriate care.

* Reduce VAT to 5% for energy upgrades of homes, retrofitting etc.

* Introduce a PAYE Tax Relief Scheme for home improvements.

* Introduce a range of Business Rate Relief Schemes in particular.

* Implement a pay as you go system of motor taxation for Road Hauliers to allow

them to continue trading.

* A Minimum fine to the tune of at least €10,000 for Smugglers and Illegal

sellers of tobacco.

* Reduction in Carbon and excise duties.

* Provide a two year rolling commitment on 9% VAT rate for the hospitality


* Maintain Student Grants

* Maintain funding for the Free Pre-school year

* Reduce salaries of University administration staff and lecturers.

* Suckler Cow Welfare scheme: Continue to implement this very important

scheme in its entirety and make the necessary financial provision for it.

* AEOS: Provision needs to be made to maximise the number of farmers entering

AEOS in 2013 after leaving REPS.

* Installation Aid: Funding of some €10 million should be provided to establish

trained, young farmers.

* Disadvantaged Areas Scheme: There should be no further cuts to this scheme

which is of absolutely vital importance to many livestock farmers.

* TAMS Implement the following additional sub-schemes or changes to the TAMS

investment programme: Upgrading of cattle water troughs and feed bins which

minimise badger access on farms at risk of repeated Bovine TB outbreaks (or

neighbouring farms), at a grant-aid rate of 50%; Installation of video technology

for calving sheds at a grant-aid rate of 40%; Increase the grant-aid rate for Sheep

Fencing and Handling investment to 50%

* The 50% stock relief should be available for all farmers in the interests of

encouraging farmers to meet the targets of Food Harvest 2020. In the longer term,

the state will reap much more from increased exports and future tax take rather

than the short term view which limits stock relief except in the case of young


* The employee tax credit should be replaced with an earned tax credit, in line with

the Commission on Taxation

He also stated that the Governments sick pay proposals need to be abolished. This will cost jobs and halt job creation. Employers already pay 10.75% PRSI which should cover them for sick employees. The sick pay problem in the public sector cannot be solved by

taxing the wealth creating private sector.


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