Lowry ‘disillusioned and frustrated’ with Government over Aviva price hike

Deputy Michael Lowry

Deputy Michael Lowry

North Tipperary’s Deputy Michael Lowry has expressed his disillusionment and frustration with the Government further to the mammoth price hike in health insurance announced by Aviva.

Aviva has announced that they will be increasing their levies by an average of almost 13 per cent.

The Independent TD slammed the Government for turning a deaf ear to the hardship and suffering of a massive portion of the population and by their inaction jeopardising the entire health insurance market and crippling the public health care system.

Deputy Lowry stated: “Aviva have directly cited governmental policy as the reason for this drastic price hike. They have pointed to the new public bed charges, and the increase in the risk equalisation levy for driving their prices upwards.

“This situation is now at crisis point. With this marking the sixth price increase, we are moving toward a situation where only the well-off will be able to afford health insurance.”

He said: “People are leaving health insurance in their masses and immediate action is needed between the Government and the industry to find a way of curbing these increases and keeping young people in the market. Unless we have young and healthy members to share the cost of the higher claims of older members will we continue to be locked in a vicious cycle of rising premiums.”


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