Lough Derg Sub Aqua Club in Killaloe search

Lough Derg Sub Aqua Club’s search and recovery unit was involved in a search on Friday, March 21, near the bridge at Killaloe following reports that a man was seen entering the water there.

The unit has also joined the Gardai, Killaloe Coast Guard unit, and other local search and rescue units to try and find missing LIT. student, Steven Kavanagh. It is believed he was last seen getting out of a taxi on the Killaloe side of Clonlara bridge in the early hours of Friday morning, March 7, and whe last seen was wearing blue jeans, black shoes and a black jacket.

Meanwhile, the scuba diving season is officially underway and Lough Derg SAC has started it very brightly. Two of the club’s members, Tom Shaw and Stephen Smyth, who went forward as moniteur candidates this year, were in the Dublin last Saturday for a gruelling day of examinations. Thankfully, both were successful and the club has two new instructors.


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