Loss of Cashel ambulance

Cllr Martin Browne

Cllr Martin Browne

SF Cllr Martin Browne called on the HSE and the NAS a clarify or deny reports which he has received about a serious incident which occured recently.

This incident involved a 19 month old child who fell and banged her head.The family contacted the ambulance centre and an ambulance was dispatched from Clonmel which arrived 27 minutes later. But Cllr Browne has since been informed that a ambulance crew was only 2 minutes away in the Cashel base and he wants to know, why in a serious case like this that the nearest ambulance was not dispatched.

Cllr Browne states the the family involved are also asking why this was let happen. The SF Councillor wonders is this being done as part of the review and the new roster which is to be forced through on the 19th of May.

Cllr Browne has called for those involved to step down and a total review of how all these calls are dealt with.


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