‘Looney bin’ for Thurles?

The solution to Thurles’ dog fouling problem could be the provision of additional bins on popular routes with Cllr Noel Dwyer suggesting they be named ‘Looney bins’ in honour of RTE presenter Fiona Looney who highlighted the issue - a mad idea but not so looney.

While the majority of the Town Council members backed Fiona Looney’s comments made on TV recently in relation to the condition of streets, particularly in Bohernanave near Semple Stadium, Mayor Michael Grogan vented his anger over the programme which he described as being ‘disgraceful.’

Cllr Jim Ryan had tabled a Notice of Motion calling on the council to employ a temporary litter warden between 7:00am -9:00am and 6:00pm-9:00pm to help tackle the issue and he received a lot of support from members who fel that the programme was a fair reflection of the situation. They also felt that it highlighted an issue they had been raising for many years.

However, Mayor Grogan had a different viewpoint. “I think she had a cheek and it was disgraceful for her to come down to Thurles and pick out this aspect and have people around the country referring to us as ‘dogs**t town’. And then, the council went and cleaned it all up the day after the programme was aired which made it look as though we were responsible for it. I can’t believe that councillors are supporting what has happened,” he said.

Cllr Gerard Fogarty stated that he would not like to have it said that it took a journalist to come down from Dublin for them to sort out their dog fouling problem , while Thurles Town Clerk Mr Michael Ryan referred to the amount of criticism the council received on social media over the issue.

“Why people are criticising the council, I don’t know. The anger should be taken out on the ones who are allowing their dogs to destroy the streets, not us. We’re not responsible for the dogs, they are,” he said.Cllr Noel Dwyer called for extra bins to be installed and have them named ‘Looney bins.”




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