Local Property Tax reduction would hit services’ - County Manager

Following on from the recent invitation to make submissions on the rate of Local Property Tax that will apply in 2015, the Chief Executive of Tipperary County Council has outlined the implications for local services of any adjustment in the rate.

Members of the public can make written submissions to the Council on the setting of the Local Property Tax and Joe MacGrath Chief Executive said that ”it is important that members of the public are familiar with the process and fully aware of the implications of any adjustment in the local property tax on the Councils` capacity to provide local services”.

The Local Property Tax is used to fund or part-fund a range of local services such as roads maintenance, housing maintenance, burial ground upkeep and grants to local business/community groups and tidy towns committees. Mr. MacGrath said that “Local Property Tax is an essential source of income for the Council in providing local services and any adjustment in the rate of tax would have a corresponding impact on the financial ability of the Council to provide such services. Increases in the level of Local Property Tax will enhance the level of services whereas a reduction will lead to reduced levels of services. Retaining rates at current levels will assure continuity in service level provision.

The process for the determination of the Local Property Tax for 2015 is set out in legislation. Tipperary County Council can increase or decrease the current rate of Local Property Tax by up to 15% or decide to leave it at the current level.


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