Local elections ‘flawed’ - Wood

An acknowledgement by a Department of the Environment Official at last weeks Local Authority Members Association, Spring Seminar, that anomolies existing in any of the newly formed Municipal Districts would have to be revisited in advance of the 2019 Local Elections is alarming, according to Councillor Tom Wood.

“Following the officials presentation on the Local Government Bill, 2013, many Councillors from around the country raised concerns about the abolition of Town Councils, carving up electoral areas, dividing communities and parishes, the prospect of towns ending up with no representation on the new County Councils and the fact that there was no opportunity to appeal,” he says.

His contention that the Local Government Reform package was rushed in advance of the May elections and that the Local Electoral Area Boundary Committee was working to very restrictive guidelines and numbers was also acknowledged from the top table, he says.Now he has written to Minister Hogan and An Taoiseach questioning how the local elections announced for May 23rd can be justified in light of the anonomies acknowledged within the department. “With national governments dislike for localism it’s no wonder they would legislate for more silence and less democracy”, he concluded.


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