Labour’s new face on the council Fiona Bonfield delighted to be elected

Cllr Fiona Bonfield

Cllr Fiona Bonfield

Newly elected councillor Fiona Bonfield said that she was delighted to be elected at the first time of asking. “It was tough but we got there in the end,” she said.

Cllr Bonfield said she put her win down to hard work and a hard working team.

“But I have to say that my own local area did look after me,” she said.

She said that one of her main priorities was to work hard on the council, and praising former councillors Lalor McGee and Virginia O’Dowd, who missed out, she said: “If I can do half the work that Lalor McGee and Virginia O’Dowd did I’ll be thrilled at that.”

Despite seeing his cousin elected, Junior Minister Alan Kelly described the overall result as “not a good day at all. We lost a few councillors. I have the greatest respect for Virginia O’Dowd, Lalor McGee, Seanie Longeran and John Kennedy. I am very disappointed. I think we need to learn a lot of lessons out of it.”

He said that though Shane Lee ran a fantastic campaign in Roscrea, missing out by a small margin and part of the day was Fiona Bonfield getting elected, it was a “bad day in general”.

“I think councillors who lost their seats didn’t lose them because of their work rate. I think the party nationally needs to be reorganised, regenerated and there needs to be change, organisational change, personality change, strategy change,” said the Junior Minister for Transport.


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