Kelly Welcomes Excise Rebate

Public Transport Minister, Alan Kelly has welcomed decision to give bus operators a rebate on their diesel expenditure. The deal that was announced for hauliers during the budget will now be extended to the passenger transport sector.

“This is extremely good news for private bus and coach companies across Ireland and will help public transport in general. There was a strong economic case for extending the rebate to the sector and it has been included in the Government’s finance bill,”

“This will ease the financial pressure on various local transport operators throughout the county as there is no doubt it is a tough time to be in the transport sector. We have done what we can to help out a many struggling small businesses and an important part of the local economy,”

“The private bus and coach industry plays a substantial role in the Irish economy and is made up of over 1,900 SMEs who operate in every county in Ireland, and employ between 6,500 and 7,000 people. Coach tourism services alone are a key driver of the Irish economy with 300,000 overseas coach tourists visiting here in 2010, worth an estimated €180 million to the economy.

“The benefits of the rebate extension will be wide-ranging and support rural communities in terms of employment, the environment, tourism and transport. I am delighted to have pushed this from within the Department and Transport, Tourism and Sport and that it recieved the wider support of Government,”


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