HSE Figures for Nenagh hospital

Waiting lists for outpatients in Nenagh General Hospital have seen a dramtic decrease over the past year.

The Health Service Executive (HSE) have released new figures which shows that the number of waiting outpatients list in Nenagh have dropped by 50% . The drop in figures show that number of patients waiting to be seen happened between the months of March and December 2013.

Inpatients have also seen a slight decrease over the year of 2013. The recent figures which have been released to the public is the first list compiled by the HSE repersenting outpatient numbers for Nenagh Hospital.

The hospital has seen the number of waiting inpatients treatment time drop by 40% . Figures dropped from 944 in 2011 to 387 in 2013.

The drop in numbers of awaiting patients can be attributed to a number of measures set in place by the hospital and its staff. Patients have now been given notification in advance of possible upcoming appointment dates and a new electronic refferal system has been utilised to help with the growing of treatment, allowing for staff to concentrate on tending patients.

North Tipperary TD Noel Coonan (FG) has welcomed the decreased in figures for the hospital but stated that more needed to be done in order of improving the statistics.

This news comes at a time when South Tipperary hospitals and the HSE are looking for staff to help deal with the flow of incoming patients. The HSE are looking to provide extra nursing staff on a temporary to full time employment basis for the coming year in South Tipperary Hospital in Clonmel.

The HSE are providing 17 nursing appointments to the hospital this year.


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