Health authority carries out unannounced hygiene inspection at regional hospital

The HSE West has confirmed to the Tipperary Star that the health inspection authority, Hiqa, carried out an unscheduled hygiene inspection at University Hospital, Limerick, this Tuesday.

The hospital was formerly known as the Mid Western Regional Hospital before it became a teaching hospital earlier this year. The facility caters for patients from North Tipperary, Limerick and Clare.

The inspection authority will deliver its report at a later date.

Meanwhile, this Wednesday, the hospital appealed to the public not to attend its emergency department unless absolutely necessary.

“The emergency department has been under extreme pressure this week following an upsurge in attendances and the situation escalated this morning (Wednesday) with a total of 37 patients on trolleys. This has now been reduced to 23,” said the HSE in a statement.

The increased pressure follows a rise in the number of surgical and medical patients presenting though the HSE said it did not quite know why it had reached such proportions.

The hospital’s escalation policy was put in place with every available bed being deployed and extra ward rounds on Wednesday afternoon to try and provide more.

The public is asked to co-operate and not to present at the hospital save in the case of a genuine emergency. All GPs in the area are also being contacted to request their co-operation, the statement said.


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