Ford - in a Galaxy of it’s own

Ford Galaxy

Ford Galaxy

It goes without saying that one of the most impressive people carriers in the business has to be the Ford Galaxy - the machine which has set the bar in this segment so high, that many of it’s competitors have shied away from it altogether.

Yes, the Galaxy has been with us for quite some time now in various different guises and an indication of it’s popularity is the fact that they are difficult to get in the used car trade. People who buy them tend to hold onto them and for this reason we were thrilled to get our hands on a 2011 version from Barlo Motors in Thurles to review.

With 80,000km on the clock this machine came with a price tag of just under 26,000 Euro whereas the new version of the same vehicle ( 2 litre diesel Zetec) costs in the region of 42,000 Euro. It had been fully serviced and looked over by the crew at Barlo Motors and it has to be said that the car was in superb shape when we came to collect.

The sense of space really is amazing, but it’s not just space, it’s comfort as well. Ford have gone out on a limb with their Galaxy and they realise that families who require such vehicles, have a lot of needs. They need, individual seats in the back with appropriate seat belt specifications; they need ease of access and egress in the back and the boot; they require ease of change from five to seven seater; they require comfort in all seven seats; and they require an airy, roomy environment to prevent those kids squabbles in the back. In fact, short of providing a nanny, Ford have thought of everything.

Air con portals ensure that the fresh air, or heat, is carried to the back passangers as required. There are are power portals in the rear; trays for refreshments, dvd players; compartments and rear seat pockets. And, all seats move and slide individually to give maximum legroom.

What about the driving experience? Yes, this is a big beats of a machine, but it drives so easily that you sometimes forget you are actually in command of half a house. The only things missing from this car is the kitchen sink and even at that there is plenty of space in the boot to include one, should the fancy take you.

Collapse all the rear seats and you have boot space bigger than most small vans which helps to rocket this car into it’s own, well, galaxy really, in terms of flexibility. It can easily double up as the family transporter at weekends, to the commerical travellers dream during the week.

Economy was also quite impressive and the pick-up in this 2 litre diesel engine with manual transmission, was spot on. There is a real sense of power under the hood and the magnificent panoramic view from the huge front window gives an almost Napoleonic impression for the driver - master of all they survey, so to speak.

This is also a very ‘sensor-ative’ vehicle. There were sensors for everything - four in the four corners to warn of pedestrians/ cars passing too close, reversing sensor, seat belt sensors, fuel sensor - at times you had to take time out to figure out which one was beeping at you. There’s no harm in that though - forewarned is forearmed as they say.

If you think a Ford Galaxy could be the solution to your vehicular problems, why not make contact with the lads in Barlo Motors to organise a test drive. There is very little to fault, but you will pay for the privilege of driving one - that’s why people tend to hold on to them.

Buying a Ford Galaxy is not just buying another car - it is more like an investment in the future. Kids get bigger - that’s just what they do - and with the passing years, more space is required. The Galaxy’s flexibility allows the owner to move through the years with the same vehicle. That’s quite a boast and quite an endorsement to.

As always, don’t take our word for it. Check it out for yourself if you are in the market.




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