E105,768 for clean streets

Town Clerk Marie McGivern

Town Clerk Marie McGivern

At this year’s annual Budget Meeting of Cashel Town Council, Town Clerk Marie McGivern announced fundind of J105,768 for street cleaning in Cashel for 2014.

This represents an increase of about J1,600 from 2013. Meanwhile, about J2,700 was announced for Cashel Tidy Towns, who raised their marks again this year, while a sum of J42,750 has been included to provide for the gardening service for 2014.

The Cashel Arts Festival has “gone from strength to strength” since the first Festival in October 2003, said Ms McGivern.

“The Council recognises the significance of this multi-cultural festival to the town and is continuing support for 2014. The Council will provide a contribution in the sum of J3,600.” Meanwhile, other proposed charges for 2014 are: Gravespace (J450), Interment (J450), Interment of an infant (J150), while a Planning Query Fee will cost J60.


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