Designers reveal plan for Liberty Square

URS Planning Design Consultants unveiled new plans to revamp Thurles’ famous Liberty Square at the July meeting of Thurles-Templemore Municipal District.

Design Engineer with URS Mr Eoin Greene told Cllrs there could be many changes to the J3m plan before the final scheme was drawn up. The concept envisages a rejuvenated Liberty Square, with new paving and landscaping, street furniture, trees and lighting combined with a slower traffic flow taking into account plans for a 100-space multi-storey car park just off the Square.

The traffic flow will not be radically altered, though it’s intended to reduce the current number of car spaces in the square, to make way for broader footpaths and pedestrian areas. Newer and higher quality building materials will be used to resurface the entire Square, meaning less repair works in the future. New guidelines for the unloading of Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs) will also have to be drawn up in consultation with local residents and businesses. It’s planned to install three junctions instead of the one red light crossing at present.

Mr Greene said the extended pedestrian spaces means Thurles can bring back market stalls and marquees for fair days, big match days, and fleadh ceols. The plan is to install new lighting down the centre, with back up lighting on the sides which can be adjusted in colour for different functions. “The street lighting can be changed, for example with the county colours to support Tipperary for a match final,” said Mr Greene.

The Wolfe Tone monument will be re-erected in a more prominent position and suitable location. New trees will be planted, and the current pedestrian crossings altered to ensure that movement for both traffic and pedestrians is safer. There will also be a loop walkway between the proposed Thurles Town Park and the Square. Cllrs gave the plans a guarded welcome.

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