Dean Maxwell staff complimented

The Action Committee of Roscrea’s Dean Maxwell Community Nursing Unit through its chairman Fr. Michael Harding compliments the Staff of the Unit on the outcome of a recent HIQA report on an inspection carried out by them on the unit at the end of September last.

The inspection took place under 18 headings with the resultant report confirming complete compliance under 16 headings, with ‘a minor compliance’ issue on one of the remaining headings, which related merely to ‘recording’, while confirming that there was full compliance in the underlying applicable health care issue. The other point of ‘minor compliance’ outstanding relates to some structural adjustments to the building. The latter issue of course, says the Action Group, “is completely outside of the control of the staff.” The said action committee sought dialogue a year ago with the HSE and public representatives with regard to a developmental plan which would also address some structural requirements required by HIQA and highlighted some time ago. Thus the Action Committee will, as a matter of urgency, be seeking meetings after Christmas with public representatives and also the HSE, to develop a plan and strategy to ensure that the Roscrea Unit is sustainable into the future and that the acknowledged excellent care being given to residents and outpatients is supported by a strategic developmental plan by the HSE, which includes a definitive timescale for the carrying out of structural building adjustments required. The Action Committee state that the HIQA report is publicly available on the HIQA website and recommends that the people of Roscrea and surrounds should read it as it affirms and validates the excellent care which the unit provides for “our elderly people.” It notes that many such reports in recent times relating to facilities for the elderly in other parts of the country were not as complimentary and did in fact cause great anxiety and concern to relatives. Hence, they say that the whole community of Roscrea should be very grateful to the excellent staff and management of the Dean Maxwell Community Nursing Unit.


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