Construction New advance factory policy needed

The Industrial Development Authority has failed and forgotten County Tipperary and needs to build an advance factory in the county to attract new employment, “Tipperary has been forgotten by the IDA – unlike Dublin and Cork – and we desperately need investment to provide jobs,” said Kieran Hartley.

He called for the immediate relocation of the planned advance factory in Athlone, County Westmeath to the south east of the country or its cost to fund a new policy of construction of advance factories in every county in the south east.

“State investment is needed to both protect languishing local economies and give them a kick start for growth with new foreign direct investment.

Too much has been taken from local economies and household purses – it’s time to invest in the future,” said Kieran Hartley, Fianna Fail’s South European Parliament candidate.

“The lifeblood of rural communities, from Roscrea, Nenagh, to Carrick and Tipperary in the west and all points between is being leeched away with the closure of Garda, stations, cutbacks in transport, the shutdown of post offices and the lack of job opportunities for our talented young workforce.

“The IDA needs to urgently embark on a major investment programme for each county in the neglected south east of the country.

County Tipperary has been one of the lowest recipients of grants from the IDA over recent years – receiving absolutely zero in 2012 and just over €850,000 in the previous year, 2011,” he added.

“In comparison support given to Cork and Dublin topped over €94 million in the same period. It’s time the south east had a strong voice – which is why I want to represent the people of the south east in Brussels and secure increased funding for jobs, training and investment to protect our communities,” said Kieran Hartley.

He welcomed the announcement of a second but smaller advance factory for Waterford, but said: “There was an apparent rush by the Government to make this announcement in advance of the election.

We have been given no start date for this welcome project. Until we see diggers and cranes on the site at the IDA Technology Park on the Cork Road, Waterford this is just an election promise, and we’ve seen enough of those,” he added.


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