Concern at spate of accidents on Roscrea’s Main Street

Cllrs have called for urgent action on installing a ‘raised’ Pedestrian Crossing on Roscrea’s Main Street, following a spate of accidents.

Cllr John Hogan said he had heard reports of a number of car accidents over Christmas. Drivers reversing out cannot see oncoming traffic, or children who may be walking behind them, given the lie of the road.

“It’s happening every single weekend, next to Paddy Powers,” said Cllr Hogan. “You cannot see a child until you are on the road.” In Kilkenny City, all the Pedestrian Crossings are ‘lifted’ to slow down traffic, and so pedestrians are more visible to drivers. “One of these days a poor child will be knocked down.” Area Engineer John Jones said the Council will do it “if it’s feasible.”

Meanwhile, Council officials have met with Roscrea’s Chamber of Commerce regarding pay parking. “We had a very good meeting with them,” said Karl Cashen, Director of Fire Services with North Tipp Co Co. The Chamber would like to have a few extra days of ‘free parking’ on Saturdays. The Council could agree to that, but the shortfall in income would have to be made up somewhere else, perhaps by a 10c rise in charges.

The Council has to achieve an income of J120,000, and this will be difficult due to the poor weather, said Mr Kashen. The money is used to pay for the Traffic Warden, and to pay back costs associated with installing the machines. ‘Free’ parking for drivers would lead to a loss of income to the Council of around J15,000. Cllr Michael Smith said they have to be “imaginative and creative” regarding finding a compromise.

Full story in this week’s Tipperary Star.


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