Cleary hits back at Doran budget ‘rant’

Thurles Town Councillor Michael Cleary has hit back at his local authority colleague Cllr David Doran over comments made in last weeks Tipperary Star when he questioned whether he could look the people of Thurles in the face having adopted the Budget.

Cllr Cleary was accused of doing a u-turn on the free parking issue having used his casting vote as Mayor to go against a proposal during last year, before then voting for the free parking later in the year.

However, Cllr Cleary told The Tipperary Star this week that he had no difficulty with the original proposal had it been properly costed and budgeted for.

“Cllr Doran seems to think that he can cherry pick the credit for projects such as the Town Park and the Christmas lights, and now free parking. Well, all of these projects come at a cost and those costs are outlined in the Budget. Not once since I came onto the council has Cllr Doran voted for the Budget - not once. We have cut the commercial rate by 7% in that time and he still did not vote for any of the Budgets,” Cllr Cleary said.

The Fine Gael councillor pointed out that his decision to vote for free parking materialised because funding was made available from other sources and was therefore capable of being covered.

“I referred to back of the envelope economics and I stand by that. This was typical Sinn Fein populistic summer school type economics which they know will never be implimented because they will never be in power to do so. True economics is when you have tomake choices and decisions, not this type of populist lunacy. You cannot just call for this to be done and that to be done without having them costed first. And then when you don’t even vote for the Budget - well, that’s just hypocritical in my view,” Cllr Cleary said.

The Budget which had been described as being a very good one was passed before Christmas and had many positive elements to it - a fact referred to by Cllr Doran in last weeks issue. However, he had a major difficulty with 5,000 Euro being again allocated for members conference expenses at a time when “people are on their knees.”

The war of words between the two is likely to rumble on with both due to stand for the local elections in May.




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