Charity Walk with Alex to raise funds for Jack& Jill



The Charity Walk With Alex is now in its 2nd year following the huge success of its inauguration in July 2013.A group of family and friends of Alex now 3, have come together to raise funds for the Jack & Jill Foundation.

Alex was born 12 weeks premature, has a severe form of Cerebral Palsy and damage to both sides of his brain. He requires 24/7 care and attention to give him relief from a range of health issues.

The Jack & Jill Foundation work with Alex and his family giving them advice, respite and all kinds of help and they have changed Alex’s life and that of his family’s for the better.

The Charity walk will take place on Wednesday 16th July at 7pm, with registration starting at 6. Registration is 10 euro and people can register beforehand by contacting any of the committee, Maggie on (086) 0632813 or Sharon on (086) 3287469.

The Walk has its HQ at the Millennium Family Resource Centre (MFRC) in Glengoole. Participants walk to the lake and back, a round trip of 7km although everyone can choose their own distance; 2,4,6 or the full 7. You can walk, run or jog but the main thing is to have fun and help raise vital funds for a good cause and all monies raised on the evening will go straight to the Jack & Jill Foundation.

Anyone wishing to make a donation to the walk without participating for whatever reason is more than welcome to do so. There will be light refreshments, music and a raffle using the registration forms which will take place after the walk.

As the Charity Walk With Alex is for a good cause, we hope that everyone will turn up, get behind it and give it their full support.

Written by Maggie Butler, Sharon Healy & Áine Healy

2014 Walk With Alex For Jack And Jill

It is July the 16th once again

Time for our annual walk for Jack and Jill

So come along and enjoy the walk

Because we know in our hearts it’s for a great cause

You can stop or pause and chat as you walk

What matters most is you will take part

Run jog or walk

Jack and Jill appreciate your support




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