Change of stance over St. Patrick’s Hospital facilities

The relocation of St Patrick’s Assessment and Rehabilitation facility to Our ladies hospital has seen a change in stance over past weeks.

St Patrick’s hospital were informed of the decision to relocate Assessment and Rehabilitation facilities after a report filed by members of HIQA stated that there were “staff deficiencies encountered.”

The issue was a matter of concern for Cllr. Sean McCarthy as he and the staff of St Patrick’s hospital felt that outstanding efforts were being made by staff for patients. As a key member of the HSE forums, Sean raised protest along with staff.

The stance was then changed by HIQA and HSE members deciding to keep the facility in St Patrick’s hospital providing aid to patients there. The facility caters for those rehabilitating from stroke and lower limb fractures, the staff provide excellent service and care for the well being of their patients.

McCarthy also praised the efforts being undertaken in Our Ladies hospital Cashel to alleviate overcrowding of beds in Clonmel believing it will “ease the bad situation”.


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