Cashel - Concerns for Scouts

Cllr Martin Browne (SF) expressed concern for the future of the Scout Hall near The Green.

The Scouts are worried that, following the abolition of the Town Council, they will lose their 99 year lease on the building. Town Clerk Marie McGivern said the new Municipal District replacing the Town Council, would be bound by the same lease, which is about 45 years old.

Dog Fouling

Cllr Séan McCarthy drew attention to the lack of prosecutions regarding dog fouling. A fine of J1,000 can be imposed, “but there has been only one conviction in the whole country,” said Dr McCarthy. A person he knows is “bedevilled” by dog litter outside their home. In one nasty incident, his vigilant friend was looking on, when “lo and behold” the dog, accompanied by a lady and a man, “performed his very best”. “My friend said: ‘I don’t have any tissue. And the dog owner said back to him, ‘can you go down and pick it up with your hands!’ They should be prosecuted in this case, as it was clearly admitted.”

Road Works

The following amounts have been allocated under the road works programme: Main Str. (at OPW Depot building Hogan Square) J6,500; Main Str. (Pat Fox’s to William Str.) J12,500; Ard Mhuire (part of) J5,500; Clonmel Road (Castlegreen to Sunnyside) J23,000; Clonmel Road (GAA car park to Castlegreen) J19,500; Oliver Plunkett Park J3,000.

Also, J20,000 for Camus Road, & J25,000 for Friar Str.


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