Cashel Begging ‘Not Welcome’

CASHEL Town Council is to tackle street begging in the run up to the tourist season, following complaints from the public.

Cllr PJ Quinlan said there was virtually a “toll to be collected in Cashel” nowadays due to the persistant presence of some people asking for money on the Main Street.

Cllr Quinlan said he didn’t want locals or visitors to be “harassed” coming up to the tourist season. “I don’t want to sound uncharitable. But it’s gone beyond a joke. Tourists will have to be advised not to give them any money. If you give them €2 today, they’ll want more the next day.” Cllr Quinlan said it’s happening “right across Europe.” “It’s not fair on businesses, and people passing by. We have to grasp this issue.” Cllr Martin Browne (Ind) said he had been followed “by the same fella” down the street. The “only way to get rid of him” is to give them something, he said.

Mayor Séan McCarthy said it was “obnoxious” behaviour. “Most of them have legal permits,” said Martin Browne (SF). Cllr Eddie Bennett said Alan Shatter needs to bring in legislation to stop begging. “There is something we can do about it.”


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