Caravans parked in Railway View

Two caravans parked in the Railway View area of Templemore are causing concerns for local residents, heard this month’s Town Council meeting.

“There’s something happening in the next couple of days,” said Town Clerk Tom McGrath. Gardaí had to be called to the Town Hall offices recently, when a member of the public “got obstreperous” with Council staff regarding one of the caravans, said Mr McGrath, who read out a letter to councillors detailing a resident’s concerns.

The letter states that “the taxpayer deserves better than to be ignored,” and that the Gardaí and the Town Council are aware of what’s happening “yet there’s been no sign of any movement”.

“There’s no official halting site in Templemore,” added Mr McGrath.

No provision has been made to include the caravan residents in a local housing plan, “as they don’t fit into any categories.” The Gardaí cannot take action as the area is a “public area” but not a “public place.” Local Supt Gerry Delmar has been looking up the legislation regarding taking a course of action.

Mr McGrath said that whatever concerns residents may have, they should convey these concerns to the Council staff in a courteous manner.

“The Guards are the authority for that,” said Cllr Maura Byrne. “It’s not easy to be the person (in the Council) dealing with threatening behaviour. The situation down there is not acceptable but procedures must be observed at all times.” Cllr Maura Byrne called for protective glass to be installed in the Council offices to protect staff.

“It’s not right that you have to take abuse,” she said.

Mayor Martin Fogarty said if he parked his caravan at a “certain point” it would be shifted.


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