Call to develop new youth centre in Ballina

Local Labour election candidate Fiona Bonfield is to launch a campaign for funding to refurbish Ballina Parish Hall following meeting with residents over the last few weeks who say there is a demand for improved community facilities locally.

Many parents have indicated that they would like a vibrant social and cultural hub that provides a fun, safe and inclusive environment where alternatives to alcohol and substance abuse are provided to young people, she said.

Ms Bonfield also recognises that young people need a break from school and home, a space that they can call their own. However, the parish hall in its current condition cannot meet the demand and needs funding to make it a civic amenity fit for all purposes.

Ms Bonfield will call on the support of the community, local businesses and local authorities to support the campaign to achieve a sustainable future for the parish centre.

She would like to hear from residents, young and old, who would be interested in being involved in the campaign to secure funding.


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