Call for pedestrian crossing at Nenagh Civic Offices

Nenagh Civic Offices

Nenagh Civic Offices

Nenagh Town Council is to examine placing a pedestrian crossing near the Civic Offices on Limerick Road. The call for a crossing was made by Cllr Lalor McGee, who said the area was one of the town’s busiest arteries, with people shopping and coming to the offices to pay bills.

He was supported by Cllr Virginia O’Dowd and Cllr Tommy Morgan.

Cllr Morgan revealed he had stopped to allow a woman with a young child to cross and was pursued by a motorist who berated him for stopping, saying the island was not a pedestrian crossing.

Town manager Marcus O’Connor agreed to have a look at the issue but pointed out that the modern thinking was that pedestrian crossings were no longer considered safe because they encouraged people to cross thinking they had the right of way.

He said what was in place was now the way of thinking, saying people could cross halfway in safety.

Cllr McGee said a lot of people wouldn’t agree with the manager. He was told other crossings around the town were “historic”.


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