Business Watch Scheme for Thurles

Thurles Chamber of Commerce met with local Garda before December regarding the establishment of a Business Watch Scheme in Thurles.

Business Watch is a crime prevention programme designed by An Garda Siochana. It is founded on the same principles as Neighbourhood Watch, that is the practice of both the Gardai and the community coming together to prevent and reduce crime, the only difference being that the community, which this scheme targets, is the business community.

The scheme starts from the basic premise that businesses can play a vital role in the fight to prevent the massive losses to the business community and society caused by crime. Business Watch provides a framework within the business community where they can join together and be instrumental in preventing crime in their own community. Through awareness, observation and commitment to action - people at work become extra ‘eyes and ears’ of the Gardai and would act as a ‘watchman’ to their own and their neighbours’ premises - in the prevention of crime.

What Business Watch aims to do?

- Identify specific risks and how they can be reduced.

- Prevent crime within business communities by encouraging self and mutual protection.

- Reduce the fear of crime both within businesses and the community by highlighting the advantages of crime prevention.

- Increase the levels of detection and conviction of criminals and the recovery of stolen property.

- Strengthen communication links between businesses and the Gardai.

Thurles Chamber of Commerce and the Garda Siochana invites you to join them in taking the first step towards greater co-operation. The meeting to discuss interest in setting up a Business Watch Scheme in Thurles is being held on 16th January in the Thurles Chamber Enterprise Building at 8am.




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