Browne blasts Burton on cuts

SF Cashel Town Cllr Martin Browne has rubbished claims that this Government and especially Minister Joan Burton has not cut the core social welfare payments.

“The government continues to say that they haven’t cut core weekly welfare payments. This is blatantly untrue. Ask the young jobseekers whose allowances are €44 lower! What is that if not a core rate cut? What of the 65yr-olds who can no longer work due to disability who are down €36.80 a week? Or ask the families whose Children’s Allowance has been slashed under Minister Burton’s watch. Social Welfare rates have been cut. That is a fact and all the blather by this government cannot hide that fact from those who have borne the brunt of those cuts. Shame on the Labour Party in particular who have allowed this to happen under their watch. The government’s most recent Budget also cut social insurance benefits with a view to saving €74m. They are cuts to core rates,” commented Cllr Browne.


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