Borrisokane drainage work scheduled to start in April

Mayor Ger Darcy

Mayor Ger Darcy

North Tipperary County Council hopes to start work on the Borrisokane Drainage and Water Separation Scheme in April, area councillors were told this Monday.

Senior engineer Michael F Hayes revealed that the project design was near finalisation and would then go out to tender with the contractor on site in April. The work is scheduled to take six months.

The project was described by Mayor Ger Darcy as “significant” but he warned that there would be a lot of disruption along the main street, where most of the businesses are located.

“I hope we give them good notice and keep in touch,” he cautioned.

Cllr Seamus Morris, area chair, pointed out that it was important when the contractor came on site that the council would have someone the business people could talk to.

They were assured by Mr Hayes that this would be done.

Cllr Virginia O’Dowd said that the work would be good for residents and she hoped that work on the footpath would follow.

Cllr Michael O’Meara pointed out that in the runup to Christmas the town’s sqaure was flooded and if it were not for the council staff clearing the gullies it would have been worse.

He also urged that pressure should be maintained to have work carried out on the footpath and the road surface.

Cllr Darcy said that one the reasons why the road surface was so bad along the town’s main street was because of the amount of water coming out on to it.


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