Bonavox hearing awareness day

People regularly have their sight and teeth checked so it is a frightening statistic that on average it takes 10 years for people to have their hearing loss addressed, according to DeafHear, yet it’s such an integral part of our day to day life.

DeafHear also note that 1 in 3 people over 60 have significant disabling hearing loss and we, at Bonavox, endeavour to provide information to our customers to help assist them on their journey to better hearing and to provide them with the support they need. Improved hearing allows you the enrichment of enjoying your surroundings where you may be missing out. We welcome you to our Hearing Awareness Day that we are holding at Major Opticians, 72 O’Connell Street, Clonmel, on Monday 19th May. If you are interested in finding out more about hearing loss and how you can make the steps to better hearing please contact us on Freephone 1 800 480 480 to book an appointment with our Hearing Aid Audiologist. Visit our website


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