Appeal to farmers on road tree cutting

An appeal has been issued by North Tipperary County Council to landowners to inspect all trees on their property close to roadsides to ensure that they are safe.

The matter was discussed at the monthly meeting of the council this week when members expressed dissatisfaction at the policy currently in place.

Cllr John Hogan said that there should be prohibition on planting trees close to roadsides with all planting to be undertaken a little further in on fields. This would make a big difference, he said, and would ensure that roads are not sheltered and branches cannot fall onto the road.

Cllr Seamus Morris said that most farmers do not have a means to cut down dangerous trees and he encouraged the council to come with a scheme to assist with this. With more severe gusts of wind prevailing now, the danger is increased and whatever can be done to curb this should be done, he said. Cllr Matty Ryan wondered who would declare a tree dangerous while Director of Service Mr Marcus O’Connor informed members that 45 callouts were received on St Stephen’s night to deal with tree issues. He reiterated that the primary responsibility for trees and ditches lies with the landowner, but added that any assistance that can be given, will be given. County Manager Joe MacGrath complimented the workers for their efforts.




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