‘Appalled’ at new ambulance plan - Dr. Séan McCarthy

Cllr Sean McCarthy has said he is “appalled and shocked” by plans to radically change the Ambulance Services based in Cashel

There are plans to reduce the Cashel Roster Team from 11 to 9 thus causing the loss of one of two Ambulances which are presently based in Cashel leaving just 1 Ambulance to be based here. “The essence of a good Ambulance Service is efficiency and speed in reaction time responses to emergencies. This change would radically delay these emergency response times and cause huge problems of delay and further endanger lives. I have no doubt that these delays could increase a patient’s risks of death by up to 50%. The location of the base at Cashel is of primary central importance. It is centrally based on the N8 Motor Way with very fast access to the Primary Regional Hospital Centres at Cork, Limerick and Waterford thus ensuring that speed and reaction times in emergencies are optimised.

“The base for Ambulances at Cashel is also copper fastened by the High Court Agreement signed sealed and endorsed by the High Court following the closure of Our Lady’s Hospital in Cashel as an Acute Surgical Centre over 10 years ago and stands in perpetuity in Law and cannot be changed legally. The Ambulance Staff are horrified and stunned by the craziness and irresponsibility of this decision and are adamant that if proceeded with lives will be lost.

“This is a disgrace and a scandal which must not be allowed to happen. It is not a political decision but an Executive Administrative one being made to prioritise Carlow over Cashel. The lives of Tipperary people seem to be less important to the Ambulance Executive than are the lives of those in other counties in the South East.

“The present Ambulance Service is fragile enough without further reducing it as I know well,” said Dr McCarthy.


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