A month of flooding leaves Holycross folks very angry

Galberstown 2

Galberstown 2

No, it’s not a scene from Venice. It’s not even a scene from Lough Derg. This is Galberstown, Holycross and it’s been like this for a month, with no action being taken to alleviate the 150 metre stretch of flooding on the road.

Residents in the area are hopping mad over the fact that they cannot get in or out of their homes without the use of a 4x4. And, what is maddening them even more is the fact that nothing is being done about it. They are literally marooned.

Adding to the problem is the fact that work on the Thurles Regional Water Scheme is going on around them and has resulted in roads being closed. A round trip for a school run - normally a three miler - is now taking locals all over the country in search of a safe route.

The road, from the Yellow Lough - Gaile is impassable and while there has always been a flood in this location in times of heavy rain, it has never remained for as long, or been as serious.

Politicians have visited the area and have called for action to be taken. Cllr David Doran said, “I have appealed to North Tipperary County Council to come out to Galbertstown and alleviate this problem immediately by pumping away this water and implementing a proper drainage solution. The people of the area are very reasonable and realize the adverse weather conditions that were experienced recently have caused many people great hardship, but to be left like this with some families almost marooned in their own homes and the road closed off for nearly a month is unacceptable,” he said.

Councillor Jim Ryan has called on the Government to release extra funding for flooding relief works on rurual roads.




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