Job loss rises in Tipperary

Dole queues continue to rise across Tipperary, according to a recent publication submitted by the Central Statistics Offices(CSO).

Unemployment figures for January appear to be small when compared to the large increase seen in December 2013. However these figures fail to take into consideration job seekers who have changed their place of signing on or those who have tried their luck of finding work abroadd.

Figures show that unemployment in the county rose by 80 people for the month of January. Areas that were hit hardest by job losses include Nenagh and Thurles.

The publication shows that those claiming some form of income benifits have risen to 15,560 meaning that many people are failing to dfind work.

Improvements have been seen, unemployment in males has dropped by 2,300 for the month of January but saw a slight rise in female unemployment too 1,202.

Unemployment rates stand at 12.9% but is forecast to drop to 11% by the end of this year.


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