IFA launches new protocol on dealing with sheep kills

IFA National Sheep Committee John Lynskey last week launched a new IFA Protocol to help farmers who encounter a dog attack on their sheep flock.

The IFA protocol involves an easy-to-follow, 10-point Plan of Action covering what a farmer should do following a dog attack or sheep kill.

Mr Lynskey said: “Based on the feedback IFA gets from farmers who have had to deal with a dog attack on their flock, one of the biggest problems is the lack of information on what they should do, who they should contact and where can they get help”.

The IFA Protocol is designed to help farmers who have to deal with the horrendous trauma of a dog attack on their flock. It deals with these basic questions and also outlines important aspects of the law and how the dog warden service and the Garda can help. It also sets out how to keep a full record of the attack, which can be used as evidence at a later stage.

Mr Lynskey said IFA is continuing to work closely with the Department of the Environment on responsible dog ownership and held a very successful round of meetings with all of the country’s dog wardens late last year.

He said an effective dog warden service is essential as dog wardens are very experienced and can be helpful in apprehending stray or marauding dogs.


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