ICSA calls on Coveney to resolve Russian ban on offal products

ICSA Beef Chairman Edmond Phelan has called on Agriculture Minister Simon Coveney to engage with his Russian counterpart to resolve the ban on offal products.

Following a recent inspection of 12 Irish food processing plants, Russia has imposed a blanket ban on imports of beef offal from Ireland with effect from June 23.

The reasons for the ban and the imposition of restrictions on some processing plants have yet to be officially confirmed, and ICSA is urging the Minister and the Department to move quickly on the issue.

“We need to see this resolved as soon as possible,” said Mr Phelan.

“However, given that farmers have seen little benefit from the increased demand for fifth quarter products in recent times, we don’t see any justification for factories using this as an excuse to cut prices further – they cannot expect to cut what they hadn’t been paying for in the first place,” he said.


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