Coveney urged to keep an eye on price of collecting animals for rendering

Minister for Agriculture Simon Coveney

Minister for Agriculture Simon Coveney

IFA Animal Health chairman John Waters said the Minister for Agriculture, Simon Coveney, must ensure that the cost of fallen animal collection does not increase for farmers following the decision of his Department to apply a 125km restriction to knackeries and rendering plants.

He said the decision to limit the subsidy for over 48 month old animals to operators rendering product within 125km of their base restricts real competition between rendering plants in some areas.

John Waters said this decision has been taken despite warnings from IFA about the potential impact this change could have on competition and charges.

He said the Minister and his officials must take immediate action against any renderers who attempt to increase charges to farmers as a result of their decision.

In the context of the urgent need to revisit the Fallen Animal Collection system in its entirety to ensure a structure exists that allows all farmers avail of a competitive and cost-effective animal collection rate, the Minister cannot stand over this decision.

IFA are calling for the immediate reversal of this anti-competitive and unnecessary measure and for the Minister and his officials to proactively engage in discussions on ways of increasing competition and reducing charges in this area for farmers.


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