Eco Eye in Tipperary

The Tipperary Energy Agency has been asked to show areas around Tipperary which use renewable energy as a source of power, by RTE’s TV show Eco Eye.

The upcoming episodes will be aired on the 4th of February and 18th of February.

Episode 5 which is entitled “Sustainable enrgy communities” will feature Upperchurch-Drombane’s energy team who recently received an award for the best renewable community energy project at the community council and county council awards last year.The episode will show the wind farm in the area, viewers will also be given an idea of how renewable energy works and its positive effect on the environment and funding for local communities who use renewable energy as a source of power.

Episode 7 which is entitled “Sustainiablity in the public sector” will be broadcast at 7p.m. on 18th February on RTE One will see an apperance from Tipperary Energy Agency’s Paul Kenny who will speak about the renewable energy sector and how it is produced.


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