‘Rock’ walkway needed - Quinlan

Cllr PJ Quinlan

Cllr PJ Quinlan

Cllr PJ Quinlan has called on Cashel Town Council to put together a plan to create a circular walk around the Rock of Cashel.

“This proposed walk footpath would make Cashel a wonderful example of activities in an urban setting for residents and tourists.” Town Clerk Marie McGivern said the route referred to on the Northern side of the Circular Road is noted in the Environs Plan 2009-’13, as a “key walking route” currently located in the admin district of South Tipp Co Council. Following elections in May, this area will be within the admin area of the Cashel/Tipperary Municipal District. Town Engineer Willie Corby recently agreed to prepare costings and a drawing. “This proposal including road widening and a new embankment with fencing at top and bottom over 500m length has been drawn up with an estimated cost for works of J320,000.” The motion will be referred to the County Council as the appropriate authority.


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