Resignation of Garda Commissioner

There are many questions which must be answered in wake of the resignation of Garda Commissioner, Martin Callinan.

Mr. Callinan tendered his resignation last week, supposedly coinciding with the disclosure that certain Garda Stations in the country had been secretly taping conversations since the 1980’s. Some would have us believe that there was a correlation between both events but, given that the former Commissioner learned of and put an end to the practice when it came to his attention last year, this makes no sense. Of significance too is the fact that the Department of Justice was made aware of the recordings in early March but Justice Minister, Alan Shatter insists that he was not informed of this correspondence until last week.

Sources close to the former Commissioner are claiming that he felt he had no option but to resign when Taoiseach, Enda Kenny sent a top civil servant to his home. Mr. Kenny counters that he sent the official to inform Mr. Callinan of the impending controversy involving the recording of secretly taped conversations.

Whatever the truth, the fact remains that a very distinguished career lies in tatters and the Garda force is at its lowest ebb since it foundation. And, as this saga continues the reputation of this august institution is being damaged day by day. It behoves all involved in this controversy to be upfront and inform the public of the veracity of the situation.


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