New roles for Cashel Town Council staff

Cashel Town Council staff have learned where they will be stationed following this year’s local government elections.

The Tipperary Star has learned that Council staff received their letters last week notifying them in advance where they will be working, following the implementation of the local government reforms in May.

A spokesperson for South Tipperary County Council said staff have been advised of their new roles in the future County structure. All Cashel Town Council staff will be working in either Tipperary town, Carrick-on-Suir, or Clonmel.

Nobody will lose their jobs, although it’s expected the Council will reduce numbers over the coming years by not replacing staff who retire, or who accept voluntary redundancies. The Council took care to re-deploy most Cashel staff to Tipperary town, so as to retain local knowledge regarding the heritage town, said the spokesman. “In Tipperary, you want to have the knowledge and experience of both the Cashel Area, Cashel Town Council, and the Tipperary Area, as well as the Tipperary Town Council.”

The remainder of the staff will be moved to Clonmel. Many of the staff will be re-assigned to new roles in the Tipperary - Cashel Municipal District. As part of the merger, it was decided that there would be a reduction in staffing in the two County Councils equivalent to 10% of the payroll costs of 2011 - the year when the merger was set. “Already, a number of staff have left, either due to re-deployment, retirement, or voluntary redundancy, so we’re meeting that target,” added the spokesman. Meanwhile, no new role has been found for Cashel’s Council offices on Friar Street. Officials have had a number of approaches regarding it, but the aim is to find a “substantive use” for the entire building rather than sections of it being used in a piecemeal fashion.


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