Macra Urges Safety

As the Christmas holidays approach, Macra is urging everyone to be extra careful on the roads when there will be extra traffic, poor driving conditions and you may be driving late at night more than normal.

Ger Griffin, Chair of Macra’s RYI Committee said, “Don’t even consider driving after drink or while tired - make Christmas memorable for the right reasons! This is the season of giving so please take the time to visit someone who is on their own over Christmas. Remember that those who are vulnerable may include someone your own age who may be feeling the effects of the loss of friends to immigration. Just an hour of your time could make a world of difference to the life of someone on their own during Christmas - we very often forget those people who don’t see anyone from one end of the week to the next. Look in on elderly neighbours, especially during bad weather to make sure they have fuel and provisions.”

Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year from Macra na Feirme!


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