Kelly Highlights JobBridge Postives

Alan Kelly, Minister for Public Transport and Commuter Affairs has highlighted the positive outcomes for the JobBridge scheme which were published as part of the evaluation of JobBridge by Indecon International Economic Consultants.

“The Indecon report contains a number of very positive findings for JobBridge. The most significant is that 52% of JobBridge ‘finishers’ are currently in paid employment since finishing their internship. This is one of the best outcomes in Europe for work placement programmes” Minister Kelly stated.

“JobBridge is part the Government’s Jobs Initiative. Its objective is to help people looking for employment to gain valuable work experience and improve their prospects of getting a job. I am very pleased that the independent evaluation of the scheme has found that this objective is being achieved”.

“Among the main benefits of JobBridge for interns are that the scheme provides new job skills and the opportunity for participants to gain quality work experience. While a high proportion of interns also consider that the scheme improves their chances of gaining employment. Nearly 90% of interns felt JobBridge had given them new skills. Other benefits include that it helps improve participant’s self-confidence, assists in identifying job opportunities suitable to their abilities, keeps them close to the job market, and helps participants to establish contacts/networks”, he said.


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