Future of Council staff

Cllr Tom Wood

Cllr Tom Wood

With only a few weeks to go before, what he terms, the “so-called merger” of North and South Tipperary County Councils, Cllr Tom Wood is again concerned that some staff, particularly outdoor staff - some with many years of service - are still in the dark as to what their future holds under the new regime.

Some months ago Cllr Wood raised similar concerns with Council Management and requested that all staff be treated with the dignity and respect they deserved. He has also raised concerns about the future prospects of some staff, who because of the embargo introduced on recruitment some years ago, are considered as temporary employees of the local authority. Writing to Mr. Joe McGrath, Manager of South Tipperary, he says: ”We are not living in the dark ages and I hope that with a hands-on approach this matter will receive immediate attention and that the cloud of worry and uncertainty will be lifted.”


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