Focus on jobs, says Madden

Roscrea based FG candidate Michael Madden has

welcomed a new report by the government, outlining ways to boost jobs growth.

“Energising Ireland’s Rural Economy”, the report of the Commission for the Economic Development of Rural Areas (CEDRA) was originally commissioned in 2012, in recognition that a number of commitments relating to economic development contained in the Programme for Government, in particular, commitments to encourage job creation and sustainable enterprise development, are reliant on the ability of all parts of Ireland to contribute to economic growth going forward,” explained Michael Madden. A total of 100 meetings were held in 2013 between public and stakeholder - meetings with individuals and groups of business experts and meetings of the full body of the commission itself. The consultation that formed a significant part of the work of CEDRA provides a solid foundation for the report focussed on and provided by the people who live and work in rural Ireland.

“Chaired by Mr Pat Spillane and consisting of a range of experts in both rural and economic development, the Commission has now produced this report which addresses the frameworks required at national level to support rural economic development and the human and resource potential in rural Ireland. The report contains 34 recommendations in total. “This proves that this Government has a plan for rural Ireland. The previous government and its policies left rural Ireland completely exposed to the strong economic headwind that hit our country. Change for the better is coming. New ways of helping people are being rolled out across the country to give everyone the opportunity to update their skills, to work, to start their own business and to raise their family in the place they call home,” said Mr Madden.


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