Bansha launch of Village Green Project

The village of Bansha will take a step back in time on Friday August 22nd with the launch of the Village Green

Development Project.

This project will include the switching on of the new Village Green lights in a ceremony that will link the past with the present through commemorating the Rural Electrification Scheme.

The promotion of the Rural Electrification Scheme was the first major project undertaken by Muintir na Tire in the post-emergency years. Leading this project was the founder of Muintir na Tire, the late Canon John Hayes, who was appointed as Parish Priest of Bansha in 1946.

Fr. Hayes realised that electricity would change the face of rural Ireland and saw it as part of the Community Development process, which was at the heart of Muintir na Tíre. Bansha was one of the first rural parishes in Ireland to secure electric power and the formal ‘switch-on’ was performed by Canon Hayes himself on May 14th, 1948 with the words “Here goes in the name of God”.

On Friday August 22nd, 66 years after the original ‘switch-on’ a family member of the late Canon Hayes will perform the switching on of the new Village Green lights.

A recording of the ‘switch-on’ of 66 years ago will be played at the ceremony and a new stone plaque (sponsored by ESB Networks) will be unveiled.

Speakers at the event will be John Lonergan, former Governor of Mountjoy, who served as an Altar Boy for the late Canon Hayes and Martin Quinn, former National President of Muintir na Tire who is also Chairman of South Tipperary Development Company. Both John and Martin are natives of the parish of Bansha/Kilmoyler. The events in Bansha on Friday August 22nd will commence at 7.30pm.

The village green development is a project of Bansha Tidy Towns Group and its Chairman, Andrew O’Halloran, will be on hand to welcome and address locals and visitors alike to Bansha for this historic occasion.

Music will be provided by Ailbe Grace (Accordion) and Simon T. Grace (Piper). Following the ceremonies the recording of the ‘Death of the Banshee’, the story of Rural Electrification, wil be shown in the nearby Templeneiry Church. Funding for the Village Green development has been provided by South Tipperary (LEADER) Development Company.

The Bansha Tidy Towns Committee cordially invites you to the launch.


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